Following Through with Your Projects

I have a problem. It's not a huge problem, but sometimes it does create some issues. I have many, many ideas, everyday. All these things I want to do now, or I want to do in the future. But I often have a lot of trouble following through with any of these ideas. I immediately … Continue reading Following Through with Your Projects


How to Write When You’re Stuck

One of the biggest truism about writing is that you can't wait for inspiration to strike, you just need to get going. But sometimes that's so hard. What do you say? What if it's all junk because you don't have anything to write about? Where should you even start?  I want to go beyond the … Continue reading How to Write When You’re Stuck

How to Develop a Mentoring Relationship

I’ve always heard people talk about mentors, and how great they are, and how everyone should have mentors, etc. etc. This is particularly prevalent, I’ve found, in the unschooling world. It’s a known fact that having an apprenticeship, internship and mentorship is a really useful tool in learning anything you’re hoping to learn. But I’ve … Continue reading How to Develop a Mentoring Relationship