Hey y’all! Welcome to our blog, thanks for stopping by! We’re just two teens trying to figure out how to pass all of our classes, keep up with the hottest tunes, and still have time for binge watching Netflix!


Just kidding, neither of us go to school, we’re not that tuned into the newest music and pop artists, and we don’t really watch all that much television. We also have no idea how to write an “about” that isn’t so awkward it makes you never want to look at the blog again. We’re going to try our best though, so let’s just get to the point.

So who are we anyways?



Larkin is an unschooler with a love of learning and exploring. They are passionate about social justice and focus on this by planning actions, events, and projects with other teens in our activism group and also in lots of other ways (too many to name here but you’ll likely hear about them in future posts).  Larkin enjoys spending time with friends, walks in the woods, sailing, planning and keeping things organized (bullet journaling!), doing circus, writing (poetry, letters, blog posts, occasionally novels), making rubber stamps and of course sitting down with a good book!



Maeve is a homeschooler who’s taking advantage of not being in school to pursue a 3 year professional circus training program. When she’s not training (which isn’t often), she loves to spend time with her family and friends, take photos, and learn new things. She also enjoys talking about musicals, making (good and bad) jokes, keeping her life and space organized, being at the beach, reading, playing with her dog, participating in our youth activism group, sending strange Snapchats, and writing letters (and a whole lot more).