Top 5 Unschooling Resources

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about unschooling and education in general. This has led me to some knowledge of the places and people you can get the most useful unschooling information from. So here’s my top 5 best resources if you’re interested in learning more about unschooling (not in order of importance):

John Holt
John Holt played a big part in the beginning of unschooling. He wrote many great books about his education philosophies. He also published a wonderful and informative magazine for unschoolers called Growing Without Schooling (GWS) that unfortunately stopped being published in 2001 (Holt died in 1985 but Pat Farenga, Donna Richoux, Susannah Sheffer, and Meredith Collins continued to edit and publish the magazine until 2001). Farenga has worked to keep Holt’s legacy alive, all of which is documented on (you can also find back issues of GWS there).

Grace Llewellyn
Grace Llewellyn wrote the book that turned me into an unschooler. It’s called The Teenage Liberation handbook, but I highly recommend it to anyone on any part of their unschooling journey. It outlines a lot of what creates problems in school and breaks down how to free yourself from that system and mindset. She also started a camp called Not Back to School Camp for teenage unschoolers and homeschoolers.

Blake Boles
Blake Boles has created a wealth of information and experiences. He’s written three full length books, one of which I have read and loved (and I’m sure the others are just as wonderful) and also runs a fantastic travel program for unschoolers called Unschool Adventures. The project by Blake Boles that has probably been most important to me is his podcast, Off-Trail Learning, which focuses on all kinds of alternative education ideas. You can visit his website for more information about this and more.

Sue Elvis
Sue Elvis was not only an immense help when I was first learning about unschooling, she is also a great friend of mine. She writes a blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family full of resources and stories about her life and family. She also has a podcast of the same name that I’ve loved since the beginning. I highly recommend reaching out to her as well because she’s always kind and thoughtful in her responses.

Amy Childs
As one of the first resources I discovered after I read Grace’s book, Amy Child’s podcast holds a special place in my heart. The podcast, called The Unschooling Life, is broken down by all kinds of different issues (school subjects, family life, radical unschooling, etc.). This podcast was so incredibly important to me and although she only released 50 episodes, I’ve gone back in listened to them many times. Here is the page where you can find all the episodes, or you can search for The Unschooling Life wherever you listen to podcasts. She’s also working to create a new podcast interviewing unschooled kids, if you’d like to be part of that you can find more information here


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