The Most Important Thing is a Good Time

Recently, I’ve been thinking about this idea. When I think about it, I don’t mean ignoring others feelings because for your own enjoyment. I’m thinking about the days when you’re playing music, so the floor doesn’t get vacuumed. When you have dinner late because you were chatting with friends and watching the sunset. How does this relate to unschooling? They are connected in a couple of ways in my mind.

One is the simple fact that we believe that to be true in learning as well. We believe that learning happens as you work on the things you want to be doing. When children are younger, I think it’s even easier to see. They do the things that bring them and the people around them happiness (having a good time) and through those things comes the learning. When we’re older, it might be a little more masked. A teenager might buckle down and do something that they don’t love, for a purpose. It might seem like they aren’t enjoying it. But, I think it you really reduced it to the purpose, and really asked them whether they were glad to be doing it, they would say yes. It would feel like a good time because they can see the goal–the reason they’re choosing to participate in a given activity.

The other reason has to do with radical unschooling. When your kids stay out late in the summers and don’t help around the house as much as they normally do, don’t worry. Do it yourself, or let it slide. If your children are conscious about the chores (I hesitate to use that word, more on that in another post) that get done each day, it’s likely they’ll come back and help out. But in the end, even if they don’t, wouldn’t you rather they’ve enjoyed themselves than that they’ve cleaned up their dishes, or helped cook? You can apply this logic to family activities as well. You’re having a leisurely morning, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. You haven’t done any of the housework, or any “real” projects. If everyone likes what you’re doing, enjoy yourself. Remember, the most important thing is having a good time.

I wrote this a collection of random thoughts. There isn’t a clear conclusions, or even clear points. I wonder what you think of it. Do you agree? Did I make myself understood? Are there points I forgot?

A note: this post was for unschoolers and non-unschoolers. Unschoolers may find the points I made obvious, but I hope they’ll make anyone think in a new way. Most of my post try to apply to all kinds of people, but sometimes one leans more one direction or the other.


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