My Typical Day

It’s hard to pin down a “typical day”. My days change dramatically depending on circumstances, but I thought I would try to put something together. This is a day when I’m home all day, when nothing unexpected happened.

5:30 – Wake up.

5:35 – Any kitchen chores that need to be taken care, sometimes animal chores (I live on a farm), breakfast. Depending on whether it does end up being this early, my parents might be up as well. Not my sister though, she sleeps later.

6:00 – Social media, responding to email, other quick business. I try to make this take less time than it does, but it ends up being longer than I want. This is a more honest estimate.

7:00 – Writing. This means blog posts, my novel, or any other larger project. I normally do 20 minutes, then 5 minutes of exercise, then repeat. When I want a break, I’ll read, talk to someone in the house or do something else that feels different.

12:00 – Lunch. My lunch normally ends up being a break for longer. I’ll eat, read, chat, etc.

1:00 – My afternoons get more hazy. I might go for a walk, there might be some errands we need to do, I’ll probably work on some other project for part of the day (coding, design, Latin, Spanish). By 5:00 or so, the family is home and I generally spend time with them, helping with dinner, laundry or relaxing.

7:30ish – Dinner. This is a rough estimate, it’s different every night. After we’re finished with dinner and just hanging out, we wash the dishes.

8:30 – It varies. Maybe a board or card game, reading, watching a video, etc.

9:00ish – I try to be getting ready for bed by 9, but that doesn’t always work. I normally turn off my reading light at around 9:30.

This is just one day, every day brings different places people need to be and they end up changing. I like the way this day sounds though, I haven’t had one like it in quite a while.

What does your typical day look like? If you’ve written a blog post about it, let me know! Does my day sound good to you, or is there something I didn’t include that you find essential? Are you a morning person like I am?


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