Podcasts I love

I’m a big fan of podcasts. I really like listening to them when I clean or organize, do puzzles, and go on walks. They are a great way to gain knowledge, or just listen to something fun. So today I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Happier is a podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and others, and her sister Elizabeth Craft. Every week they have strategies and ideas about habit formation, “try this at home” a small thing you can do in your life to be happier, a question to know yourself better, a listener question and more! I love the ideas and tips, but I also love the vulnerability. They are really good at being open about their faults and they use the podcast as an accountability system. It makes you want to come back the next week and find out how they are doing. It begins to feel like you really know Gretchen and Elizabeth.

Stories of an Unschooling Family:
This is definitely a favorite of mine. I’ve been listening since almost the beginning and I can never wait for the new episode. Sue Elvis (her blog by the same name is also great) talks about her family and what they’ve been up to that week. I love listening to the stories she tells, the life they lead and how unschooling works in their family. But that’s not all! She also shares strategies and ideas for your unschooling journey such as keeping records with evernote. In addition to that, Sue shares new resources nearly every episode. It’s such fun to hear the resources she uses with her girls, and more often than not I spend a few minutes after each episode checking out everything suggested. I recommend this podcast to families considering unschooling, veteran unschoolers and anyone in between.


Let’s Not Panic:
Let’s Not Panic is about adventure. It’s hosted by a married couple who are driving through South America. They discuss their mishaps and excitements, beautiful things they’ve seen, the food they ate, and more along with the logistics of turning your car into your vehicle and house. I’m quite behind on this one, but it’s really interesting and the hosts are very personable and funny.

Fair of the Free Child:
This is a week podcast hosted by Akilah S. Richards. She has guest on nearly every episode and they talk about how they are bring the voices and needs of people of color to self-directed education. I love this podcast because it’s so intersectional and really reminds me of the racism in our country and how I can work to undo it. Akilah is so real with both her guests and her listeners and it’s because of that I’ve gotten a lot of new insight. In addition to that, she talks to all kinds of innovators in the self-directed education world and I’m always learning of new communities and resources.

Off-Trail Learning:
I love this podcast because it’s introduced me to so much. It’s hosted by Blake Boles and each time he has a guest on. They talk about all kinds of alternative education models up through college age. The guests are thoughtful and interesting and the discussion always feels like a conversation between two friends rather than an interview with a stranger. I’m always excited to listen to another episode because they’re fascinating, comforting, and informative.

Those are all the ones I’m going to highlight specifically, but here is a list of others that either don’t run anymore but are great, I listen to occasionally but not every time, or that I just recently found and I don’t know much about:

  • The Unschooling Life
  • The Story Collider
  • Hidden Brain
  • The Educators
  • News in Slow Spanish
  • A Brief History of Mathematics
  • The Hamilcast

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I love to find new ones!



10 thoughts on “Podcasts I love

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    1. I’ve heard of The Moth (although I haven’t listened much, I’d like to try it again) but not either of the others. Thanks for the suggestions, checking them out now!


  2. These sound like some really great Podcasts! I’ve never really listened to many before but it’s something I would defiantly like to try out and now I have some great recommendations to help me 🙂

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      1. Oh my gosh! I just realized that you’re in my cabin! (right?). I feel really dumb for not realizing earlier though. Sorry. Anyway. It’s awesome to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

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